Thai marijuana festival has visitors on a high

Canada LegalGlobal NewsThai marijuana festival has visitors on a high

A Buddhist monk fishes out a vial of cannabis oil from his robe and puts a drop under his tongue — one of many people flocking to a weed festival in northeastern Thailand, where excitement is building over a medical marijuana boom.

Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize marijuana for medical purposes last year, joining a growing list of governments including Canada, Australia, Israel and more than half the US states.

The global market is forecasted to reach tens of billions in under a decade, but slow-moving implementation of the Thai law has lagged behind a wave of local enthusiasm.

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  1. I think it should be legalized everywhere as long as the users are adults and they don’t go overboard with it. To me if alcohol is legal, then why not marijuana..and it comes from nature.

  2. I did not know that marijuana was gaining popularity outside of America! That is actually surprising.

  3. Marijuana is a good herb and needs to be legalized. However, there should be moderation when doing so as others tend to misuse it.

  4. This is a welcome development …marijuana has many benefits and it should be legalized. Government should control the use though so that some people will not abuse it…

  5. The first time I was so surprised when I heard information like this, how Canada has legalized marijuana. But after seeing all the news regularly about this on the internet, it seems that now it has become an ordinary thing for me. šŸ™‚ And now even Thailand as an Asian country holds a weed festival in northeast Thailand, this is really interesting …!

  6. I didn’t know that there is a weed festival in Thailand. I am for medical marijuana use but not for recreational use. I hope people will use weeds for medical purposes only.

  7. Well, if marijuana has been found out to be medicinal then I think other countries should join in legalizing like my country is yet to do this. People are still being arrested because of this.

  8. Will say this great for Thailand, where excitement is over the top for medical marijuana boom.

    Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize marijuana for medical purposes . This piece of information should be read by other countries.

  9. I had no idea that there was a Marijuana festival. In my country it’s legal for medical purposes as well.

  10. This kind of event shouldn’t be taken for granted. I also believe that there can be a positive benefit from using Marijuana.

  11. In my country this is not gonna happen. Our president anti drug policy makes sure of it. However, I recognize its medical powers but the legalization of it is not a good idea.

  12. Haha this is very interesting indeed. I would love to visit such a festival even though not for the use just to see the fun people are having.

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