Say Hello to the Marijuana Industry’s Secret Weapon

Canada LegalCanada NewsSay Hello to the Marijuana Industry’s Secret Weapon

In case you haven’t noticed, the cannabis industry is blossoming before our eyes. Having long been considered a taboo topic that legislators swept under the rug, marijuana is finding support in a growing number of countries around the world.

Today, more than 40 countries have legalized medical marijuana in some capacity, with two — Canada and Uruguay — also allowing the sale of recreational pot. By this coming October, it’s expected that Mexico will become the third. Sandwiched in between Canada and Mexico is the United States, where even though cannabis remains a Schedule I drug, 33 states have legalized its medical use, and 10 have also OK’d adult-use consumption. Having an all-time record 66% of Americans support broad-based legalization has been a big help in persuading states to “go green.”

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