Ireland Greenlights Medical Cannabis Pilot Program

Canada LegalGlobalIreland Greenlights Medical Cannabis Pilot Program

Ireland on Wednesday launched a scheme that will allow its citizens to use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Simon Harris, the country’s health minister, signed legislation that establishes a program to give patients access to marijuana for treatment purposes. “The Medical Cannabis Access Programme” will be maintained for five years until 2024, at which time it will undergo a review. Previously, medical marijuana was available only to select patients in the country. Recreational marijuana remains illegal there.

Ireland is just the latest European country to greenlight medical marijuana, as more and more governments across the continent reconsider anti-pot laws. In February, the European Union passed a resolution encouraging member states to ease restrictions on medical marijuana. Portugal approved a measure legalizing medical marijuana earlier this month, while Italy, Germany, and Great Britain have enacted similar laws. On Wednesday, the Swiss government announced plans to make it easier for patients to get prescriptions for medicinal cannabis.

In Ireland, the effort has been marked by a series of fits and starts. Harris proposed the program two years ago, but its ultimate enactment was delayed by an inability to find a supplier that could export the products into the country. That hurdle was finally cleared earlier this month, allowing Harris to turn the program into a reality on Wednesday.

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