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October 17
Legalization of Cannabis in Canada

Canada is set to legalize marijuana for recreational use from October 17, 2018. This will make Canada the second country in the world after Uruguay, which made pot legal in December 2013, to allow recreational cannabis. Canada said yes to medical marijuana in 2001. Now we have the date set. Legalization is coming. State and local governments are preparing themselves for the big day while the cannabis industry in Canada is seeking to drive the business potential.

Canada and Cannabis go hand in hand
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How Canada Plans to Roll Out its Recreational Pot Industry

With Canada planning to legalize marijuana on October 17 this year, its market will operate on a very different model than that used by the nine states that have legal laws in the United States already. There are several notable differences, and it will not resemble California weed delivery in any way. Some of these discrepancies include age limits, banking access, and government involvement, to name a few.

It will even be legal for Canadians to order weed online and receive it in the mail, an action that the United States still considers illegal. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada would legalize recreational pot this year, celebrations were widespread. However, the country’s territories, provinces and cities are still figuring out how to roll out and regulate the industry.

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What will be legal
In Canada on October 17

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Recreational Use

Recreational use will be de facto legal. There will be some restrictions regarding the distribution and quantity an individual may possess. These prohibitions vary from Province to Province.

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Medical Use

Medical use of Marijuana was legal for some time in Canada. However, Legalization of Cannabis opens up many possibilities regarding the research of Marijuana based drugs.

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This is one of the most Financially lucrative aspects of Legalization. Cannabis Accessories Industry is expected to skyrocket in the upcoming period. Get ready.

Legalization of Cannabis in Canada
The History

Cannabis was added to the list of banned items in 1923. However, nothing changed until the late 1930s when a nationwide ban was strictly pursued on hemp production. In 1969 the Le Dain Commission was formed in order to deal with a high number of arrests. The Commission published its report in 1972. Above all, Legalization of Cannabis in Canada was the key focus of the report. Similar to the regulation of alcohol. Almost everyone ignored this report.

A 2001 Ontario court ruling declared cannabis prohibition against constitution. Terrance Parker, who was an epilepsy patient, was arrested for growing cannabis at his home. He used these to overcome his epileptic seizures. Hence, he appealed to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The court finally declared the ban on marijuana as against the right to life and liberty.

Federal authorization of medical marijuana followed because of this presedan. Therefore, all approved patients got the right to grow cannabis on their own or buy it from any licensed grower. AS a result, the process of legalization in Canada was speeded up. So, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the issue a key promise during his election campaign. In 2013, commercial licensed industry production got a go ahead.

Finally Success

Finally, on June 18, 2018, a bill passed by the House of Commons allowed growing, possessing, using, and purchasing cannabis of fixed amount by all those above 18 years of age. This bill takes effect from October 17, 2018, with some restrictions which differ from Province to Province.

According to Prime Minister Trudeau, the measure is “to better protect our kids from the easy access they have right now to marijuana and to remove the criminal elements that were profiting from marijuana.” His justice minister expects the legalization of cannabis to overcome “a failed model of prohibition.”

The Future is coming. It is green and lucrative which we are certainly ready to find out. Surely, great times are ahead.